It's me, Konsi!

Translator, Insider, Nerd.
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me as a Translator

Since 2014, I have been translating many projects to the german language, including various discord bots, and
I'm currently looking for a way to get some extra cash, if your project needs a
professional german translation, and your project is available on Transifex or POEditor, please consider hiring me!

About me

Behind the pseudonym "Konsi" is an 18-year old internet enthusiast, who loves books, coding, games and experiencing new things! Currently, I'm a college student, looking for ways to get some income.
I'm not too active on SNS, with Discord being an exception.
My favorite food is ketchup flavored Pringles.

Contact me

Let's be honest, you wouldn't be here if I didn't catch your interest in some way, right?
That's cool, that means you might care for me.
And I appreciate that.
So check out my other sites and say hi!

happy birthday to me

    my game accounts

    This page is all about my different games and how you can add me.
    Basically a friend code collection.
    Oh yeah, I also have an Exophase-Account, if anyone is interested.

    nintendo switch

    Region: DE
    Name: Konsi
    Friend Code: SW-8223-3474-8421
    Status: Active

    playstation network

    Region: DE
    ID: KonsolenkiIIer
    Status: More or less active

    love live!

    Region: EN
    Name: Konsi
    ID: 978663010
    Status: Inactive


    Region: EN
    Name: Konsi
    ID: 846675
    Status: Active

    revue starlight

    Region: EN
    Name: Konkon
    ID: 4590228416
    Status: more or less active

    idolm@ster cinderella girls

    Region: JP
    Name: Konsi
    ID: 627587971
    Status: Inactive

    dragalia lost

    Region: US
    Name: Konkon
    ID: 8632 5275 373
    Status: Active

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